Yoga of Revolution by Donation Only

reLOVEution BYC is pleased to announce that Closing Ceremony with Devarshi Steven Hartman, Sunday from 4:30-6 pm is offered by donation-only. Please arrive around 4 pm. As there are many expenses which go into producing BYC, like rental space, equipment, staff, liability insurance, presenter fees, advertising, etc., we have to charge admission yet we try to keep prices as low as possible with quality high and we strive to make this event accessible to all. BYC has volunteer opportunities available, grants 3 full scholarships annually, and offers a workshop by donation only. Class Description: Can yoga change the world? Does the world need changing? What part can yoga play in a consciousness and health revolution? What part can yoga play in YOUR consciousness and health? What is YOGA….really? Is yoga a fad? Is yoga an exercise? Is yoga for everyone? Is yoga a religion? Oh boy! Let's join together in the heart of yoga to empower the Yoga Revolution/Evolution just right for YOU! Let's uncover the joined intention for peace and well-being that brings like-minded yogis together. Register Now. Namaste!
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