YoBoys: A Yoga Series for Boys at evolution

Simbhasana, Lion's Breath
If you like the BYC Kids Club, you'll love this class at evolution yoga in Burlington! The next session begins March 9th with Nikhil Ramburn!

YoBoys is a fun yoga series just for boys aged 6-10 at evolution. They cultivate fitness, delight and focus during an important time in development for elementary-aged boys.  YoBoys includes yoga and mindfulness tools, which help to increase attention span, improve ability to self-regulate emotions, and have more resilience to stress.  These yoga classes will blend yoga poses, relaxation techniques, and discussions of themes such as respect, peace and caring for each other and the world.  Sign Up Online Kids share their experience of meditating for over 20 minutes while focusing on a candle at evolution pt & yoga studio. Yes--you heard that right, over 20 minutes...incredible! Sign up your boys for the next YoBoys series with EvoKids at evolution yoga.
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