What is the BYC Silent Auction?

Did you know you can win cool yoga goodies while supporting two good causes: BYC and VT Natural Resources Council?vendor BYC gathers people from all over the North-East, for a weekend full of yoga and celebration.  The BYC annual Silent Auction is one way BYC likes to give back to the community, by raising money and helping to preserve VT lands.  The secondary goal is for you to win great stuff and and local businesses to gain exposure! Together we all get to practice SEVA. Here's how it works: Here's How it Works: Normally the BYC Silent Auction opens bidding of each item at 20% of the retail value.  Our dual-goal is to raise the most amount of money for VNRC and BYC as possible (proceeds are split 50/50) while also making this prize accessible to anyone who wants to win.  Be the 1st one to bid and you could win for nearly nothing! Though chances are you may be outbid to preserve VT lands and this conference, and we believe, this is a good thing.  The auction will be located in the Marketplace at BYC. Good Luck! Thank you!
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