Welcome to the Mindful Marketplace at BYC

In between workshops, during registration, lunch and dinner break- peruse the Mindful Marketplace at BYC.  Throughout the weekend there will be yummy give aways from Dobra Tea, Healthy Living, VT Soy, and Coconut Bliss.  Enjoy awesome shopping at yoga boutiques like Up Pup, Lalaville, IntegraTees, and evolution and art boutiques like AO Glass: A Clear Story.  Meet incredible yoga teachers, physical therapists, body-workers, and healers at the Liberate  Music & Yoga Festival, VTCYT, All Wellness, evolutionWanderlust, YoganonymousAbsolute Wellness Healing Spa, Inner Health Resources, Rushford Family Chiropractic, and Boston Chant Fest booths.  Meet our non-profit organizations like Magic House VT, Vermont Community Yoga Project, and Hunger Free Vermont.  Get body work on your breaks for $1/minute from Bee Well Massage, Blissful Healing, Carrie Steele Thai Yoga, Ray of Light, Sustainable Wellness Vermont, and Joseph Fiacco bodywork.  Thanks to Stray Cat Flower Farm for our beautiful bouquets! Namaste!
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