United Under One Roof

©2013, Janet Carscadden PT, http://www.evolutionvt.com/PT/staff.html

©2013, Janet Carscadden PT, Owner, http://www.evolutionvt.com/PT/staff.html

Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga has been a long-standing partner with the Burlington Yoga Conference.  This center provides an evolved form of yoga that  takes the healing, awakening, and revitalizing art form to a whole different level.  At Evolution, physical therapy, that helps deal with physical injuries, and the practice of yoga, that helps promote long-term health, work hand in hand with each other.  In fact this perfect combination of body work mesh great together.  The best part about Evolution is that all of the physical therapists are also yoga instructors and can help with just about any injury! Due to the fact that there are 24 teachers at Evolution, it is only natural they have a plethora of different forms of yoga being taught under one roof.  The organization also recognizes that yoga can be learned by just about anyone.  Evolution welcomes people of all ages including babies, kids, women who are seeking pre-natal classes, to adults that want to learn yoga, or are recovering from an injury. Physical therapists at Evolution take the time to evaluate your injury and develop custom yoga programs to treat the issue. So you may be wondering what kinds of classes are taught at Evolution?  Evolution seeks to provide long-term management of physical issues one can be facing.  Examples of the many classes taught at Evolution include Yoga for a Healthy back, which helps individuals deal with low back pain, Yoga for Runners to improve flexibility and balance to the body, Healthy Hips + Pelvis to address pelvic floor dysfunction, Open Sesame Hips to improve hip mobility, and Feldenkrais classes to improve freedom of movement in the neck, jaw, shoulders, back and hips. At BYC, we are proud to announce that we have some of our very own special yogis that have taken a part in the conference that work at Evolution.  The incredible Martha Whitney, Andrea O’Connor, and Bill O’Connor are involved at Evolution.  Martha Whitney teaches a monthly restorative and weekly meditation class.  Andrea O’Connor uses her expertise in Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® to help people from all walks of life.  Lastly, Bill O’Connors’ expertise in hatha yoga has enabled him to teach various classes such as Astanga, Bikram, Anusara, Vinyasa and Prana Flow.
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