The Love of Ashtanga at Yoga Vermont

© Kathy McNames & Scott York, Yoga Vermont

© 2012 Kathy McNames & Scott York, Yoga Vermont

World renowned yogis, Kathy McNames and Scott York, from Yoga Vermont are serving the Green Mountain State beautifully and the students they meet.  Co-owners and Co-directors Kathy and Scott, are presenting at the 2013 Burlington Yoga Conference.  We are excited to have this powerful duo presenting at our conference and supporting local Vermont yoga studios.  Yoga Vermont has been open for over 20 years and is one of the original Burlington, Vermont studios. As we delve deeper into Kathy and Scott’s personal work as yoga instructors, the general consensus is that they are extremely loved by their students.  Kathy and Scott both teach Ashtanga yoga, or as some may know it “Power Yoga.”  Ashtanga is a unique art form that can be defined as “a multi-dimensional system designed to bring stillness to the mind and peace to the world."  It is great for improving circulation, and a strong body/mind. For more information click on this link “Ashtanga” or visit Kathy and Scott’s personal page for more information on their studio.
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