The Tale of An Aspiring Yogi

beYOGI image heart hands YOGA Written by Julie Champagne, Burlington Yoga Conference Intern 2013-2014

I've been practicing yoga for six years and now. This year I'm participating in the UVM yoga teacher-training program and I'm working as the intern for BYC 2014.  For me, yoga has become a lifestyle.

I’ve always loved how yoga pulls me into the present, challenging me both psychically and mentally. I’ve had several yoga teachers over the years who've inspired me and pushed me to do more than I ever thought I could.  Now it’s my turn to be that teacher, which both excites me and terrifies me.

Even after all the classes I’ve taken and the hours I’ve spent practicing, I sometimes still doubt my ability to teach others. So, going into this new challenge I’ve decided to set this positive intention: Stay true to your truth, whatever’s meant to be will follow. <3

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