The Beauty of Prana Flow Yoga with Coral Brown

© 2012 Coral Brown

When Coral Brown isn’t busy traveling the world educating her students on their path to mastering the body and mind, you can find her in Wakefield, Rhode Island.  Coral, a successful yoga instructor that attracts various yoga students and centers for her style of teaching, practices Prana Flow Yoga created by Shiva Rea.  She received her MA, 500-eRYT in Prana Flow Yoga, and hosts 200-eRYT and 500-eRYT teacher trainings. Coral’s teaches Prana Flow Yoga, Heated Prana Flow, and Vinyasa flow.  The definition of Prana Flow Yoga, Coral’s specialty, can be broken down as “Prana” signifying life force creation, and “flow” as “the state of unified consciousness.”  Prana Flow Yoga focuses on empowerment and is described as “the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence- as navigating source of yoga practice and vital living,” by the creator of the practice, Shiva Rea. This internationally known yoga instructor revolves her work around “uniting the body, mind, and spirit to transcend into physical asana and create space for conscious evolution.”  According to a student testimonial, Coral’s teachings help you find “Freedom on your mat.”  Her teachings also appeals to many because her students feel as if they increased their connection with the universal life force by honoring the “river of Prana” through breathing practices, increasing ones own capacity for compassion and self revelation. Coral’s deep understanding for Prana Flow Yoga is what keeps students coming back.  According to the experts, Prana Flow Yoga is good for creating strength and fluidity of the body and mind, great for finding vital energy and the relaxed being inside of you.  More specifically, it is a cultivation of the art of yoga through movement, music, sound, visual arts and Vinyasa.  (To learn more about the benefits of Prana Flow, visit this page!) Coral Brown will be attending the 2013 Burlington Yoga Conference!  We are very excited to have her as a returning instructor because Coral has similar ethics as we do here in Vermont.  She is conscious about serious matters such as the environment, sustainability, and for supporting local businesses.  Also, it will be fun to learn more about Prana Flow with Coral, you will end up leaving empowered and revitalized!
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