Welcome to the BYC Kids Club by EvoKids

The BYC kids club is open to young yogis age 3-11. To register your child for the BYC Kids Club, email [email protected] now. Thank you!A safe, nurturing space for kids to experience movement activities, games, art and more while their parents get their yoga on! Drop off your child aged 3-11 for a 90 minute […]

Evolution Yoga Retreats in Starksboro, Vermont

Not only does Evolution Yoga offer some of Burlington’s best classes and house many of the area’s well-respected instructors, now you can go on retreat with Evolution Yoga too! This summer explore a number of exciting  and accessible retreats presented by Evolution in Starksboro, VT; deepen your connection to yoga and nature. These retreats are each […]

evolution yoga creates event for flood relief: vinyasa for vermont

Throughout the past 3 years of BYC history, evolution yoga has taken an active role in supporting the conference. evolution’s support, in part, enables BYC to fufull it’s mission- uniting local yoga studios and students, of various schools and traditions in the spirit of oneness. BYC thanks evolution deeply; without our local yoga studios getting […]

evolution yoga: PT, yoga, and community

evolution yoga is a great place to go to experience Burlington’s yoga community.  evolution yoga believes that physical therapy and yoga are complementary disciplines. Physical therapy provides expertise in healing from injuries, and yoga is a lifelong path of health, awakening and bliss. So come as you are, this is where evolution begins! thanks evolution for partnering with […]

Meet BYC yoga studio partners and friends

It takes many streams to form a river.  BYC is proud to announce our friends and studio partners.  These studios share yoga with their community and help make BYC happen.   Visit our studio partners below.   Namaste!                                       Frog Lotus Yoga Yoga Mountain

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