Satta Sound

This Sound blends 'Ital Music' coming from the Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Jamaica, Africa, Europe, NYC, Cali, VT and Conscious Artists Worldwide! Each tune is selected, mixed and Dubbed by Machu with an aim to Cultivate a Global Unity through Word, Sound & Power... bringing each member of our audience to new heights. Alongside Machu are his family of SATTA SOUND singers, who chant and freestyle over the tracks, providing the audience with live, exclusive, never been heard before sounds! Recently Satta Sound has been performing with live African Drums, Melodica and Bass. Horns have also been used to give the audience the full treatment. SATTA SOUND is a mobile force of Jah Works... Internationally INI Ready for Battle .. And RastafarI Music is our Weapon! Visit Satta Sound's website for more information.
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