Yogiraj Prem Prakash

Prem Prakash was born and raised in Philadelphia and, like most young men, spent his youth thinking about little more than sports and sex. Through the guidance of his gurus, he has bumbled blindly backwards into some degree of spiritual development. Prem Prakash has had a daily practice of meditation and yoga since 1979. In 1990, his yoga guru, Baba Hari dass, gave him permission to teach others. In 1991, Prem Prakash established the Green Mountain School of Yoga, based in Middlebury, VT. Prem Prakash was initated by his yoga guru and has studied formally with several other teachers in authentic lineages. In 2007, Prem Prakash was recognized by The Institute of the Himalayan Tradition as a “Yogi Raj,” a Master of Yoga. He is one of only a few Americans to be so acknowledged. In 2008, The Institute honored him with their Annual Award for Service to Humanity. Prem Prakash is the author of numerous essays and poems, and has four critically acclaimed books in print. These include, “The Yoga of Spiritual Devotion,” which has been translated into German; “Yoga American Style,” which won an Eric Hoffer Award for Excellence; "Three Paths of Devotion: Goddess, God and Guru,” and “The Universal Yoga: The Bhagavad Gita for Modern Times.” Visit Prem Prakash's website for more information.
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