Kali Brgant

Kali is a trained counselor and a long time yoga and mindfulness practitioner. Kali holds a Master of the Arts degree in Counseling Psychology and has various yoga training certificates from Kripalu, Tantra Vinyasa and Partner Yoga with many hours of teaching. She is an experienced-registered yoga teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance. Kali has also spent ample time practicing meditation, living at a meditation center and attending silent retreats. Since Kali was young she found herself curious about the inner depths of the human experience. Her training in counseling, yoga, and mindfulness intertwine perfectly to help others with inner exploration. She believes that you are your own greatest teacher and she helps you to quiet the outer world in order to tune into your inner world. Kali has traveled and taught around the globe, from Thailand to New Zealand to Europe. Kali is passionate about her work and also enjoys photography, hiking, biking, camping, laughing with friends, and dancing. Kali's dream of combining integrative counseling and yoga to aid in healing and tuning in to a deeper sense of self has finally come to fruition. Visit Kali's website for more information.
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