John Smrtic

John believes in the possibility that a single yoga class has the power to transform one's mind and heart, and inspired and blessed by the mercy and grace of his Holy Teachers and the One, approaches and prepares each class as more than just a well-balanced, intelligently sequenced asana practice, but as an experience. He crafts each Bhakti Groove music mix like a DJ, carefully selecting the soundtrack in keeping with the theme and bhava (divine mood) of each class. The title Bhakti Groove refers to Johns belief that there is no yoga without devotion, and that groove, the timeless state where nothing is missing, can be reached through yoga asana with lively music and elevated intention. While the playlists have become reggae and Krishna heavy over the years, you may hear the Grateful Dead, hip hop, electronic, dub, bluegrass and particularly bhajan. All of these elements creatively commingle, facilitating a global vibratory shift toward love, unity, devotion and groove. Visit John's website for more information.
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