Hedi Mizouni

Hédi Mizouni was born in Tunisia and after his university studies in the US and Canada (he received a Master’s degree) he attended the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course in Val Morin, Quebec .He spent a summer with Swami Vishnu Devananda. He studied and practiced Asanas ( yogis postures)_, Pranayama (breathing techniques) ,Mantra and Japa Yoga (Sanscrit sound energies chanted daily),Kriyas ( cleansing exercises to purify the body), Bhagavad Gita ( ancient scripture as a spiritual base for Yoga),Vedanta (ancient system of the perception of life), Karma Yoga (selfless service). Swami Vishnu was sent to the West by his teacher and master Swami Sivananda who had an ashram in Richikesh, Himalayas, with the words “ People are waiting”. Hédi was eventually initiated by Swami Vishnu in 1989. Years later he began the study of “The Course In Miracles”, a self-study program of spiritual awakening which presents universal spiritual themes with healing as a return to love. He was profoundly influenced by the statement of the Course:” Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” Hedi continued his journey and met Sufi leader Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. Sufism is a path of devotion similar to Bhakthi yoga and he was initiated by Pir Vilayat in 1998. Teaching Hatha Yoga, as part of Raja Yoga ,is a labor of love for Hédi. It is centered around five points taught by Swami Vishnu: Proper exercise (asanas), proper breathing (pranayama), proper relaxation (nature’s way of recharging the body),proper diet (vegetarianism for optimum utilization of food, air, water, sunshine), and meditation as a foundation for inner peace. Visit Hedi's website for more information.
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