Candace Taylor

Candace is an intuitive healer and passionate teacher and activist dedicated to using her studies and experiences to provide a sacred space for transformational healing. Candace creates an environment where those guided to her can show up to midwife (be with) themselves wholly in a way that is authentic, nurturing and in rhythm with nature. Candace’s passions for holistic healing, social and environmental justice have led her on a radical journey that began as a child, in the kitchen, by her mother and grandmother’s sides. She learned all about her Caribbean ancestral and cultural herbal healing practices and the use of food, roots, fermentation and herbs as medicine. Candace feels her grandmother’s hands guiding hers every time she connects to the Earth while gardening, prepares food for cooking or remedies for healing. She uses this ancestral wisdom each day in her personal life and her work with clients as a Holistic Health Coach & Chef and Wellness Educator at her business Healin Irie. Always a student first, Candace has spent her life seeking guidance and wisdom from the old ways; the ways of our ancestors. Listening to that inner drive has and continues to guide Candace exactly where shes needed to be to receive the tools she's needed as a healer and teacher in this life, on this Earth Walk. Candace is a labor & birth doula, a student and practitioner of Healing Touch, Reiki and Yoga. Candace's studies and practices have been both deepened and enriched by her personal work with shamans both in Vermont and Guatamala as well as her immersion in a womyn's circle dedicated to studying and practicing women's sacred indigenous rites of passage. Visit Candace's website for more information.
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