Alexandra Martin

Since youth, Alexandra has been inspired by movement; an interest which has provided her with a deep passion for body awareness and mindfulness. She began teaching yoga in Nicaragua and then proceeded to bring her practice to Vermont. When not offering retreats in Canada, Bali and elsewhere she teaches weekly classes and at Yoga Festivals throughout the U.S and has deep roots in Vermont. A createress, a singer, dancer and earth worshiper. Alexandra walks the world with an open heart and open mind, always playing the role as a student, gathering information to pass on. She lives with the aim to inspire others through song, embodiment, creativity, balance, travel and trust. Alexandra is the owner of The Gypsy Trove (, an import business that collects unique goods from around the world. She is also the creator of LoveLali, a radical women's clothing line. She strives to empower women by providing a line of Goddess wear, clothing they can feel radiant in (or none at all). Alexandra calls her practice Universal Yoga. This combines Vinyasa and Hatha components with Kundalini elements of mantra and song. She approaches yoga as medicine. Bringing playfulness, intuition and grace to the practice, Alexandra works with her students to cultivate a deeply cleansing and powerful experience. Visit Alexandra's website for more information.
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