Earn a BYC Scholarship


Burlington Yoga Conference grants 3 full scholarships.

This scholarship program is intended for any yoga teacher or student, with limited income, who can share yoga with under-served populations in the community. Scholarships are intended to support the participation of low-income yoga teachers and students who actively contribute their unique teaching abilities to sharing yoga with people who would not otherwise receive the teachings.  In other words, what is your plan to pay this knowledge forward if you're awarded a full scholarship? How can attending BYC help your life and how can you help the lives of others with your yoga?

These under-served populations include (but are not limited to):

Children/teens Homeless Shelters Senior Centers Immigrants People of low-socio economic backgrounds Disabled people Incarcerated populations

How to Apply: Please put your essay and reference requested below together into a document and submit to [email protected] asap along with any other helpful information. (Deadline is 3/31/17.  Scholarship winners announced by 4/2/17) We ask for the following information:

Essay: 150 words or less. Essay topics are not limited, but you may wish to reflect how yoga has impacted your life, and the lives of others, and why you are applying for the scholarship.

References: Please include 1 written reference from your yoga instructor, teacher/professor, employer or any other person who will provide us with an additional sense of why you should be considered.  Ideally, the reference should be someone who has seen you teach to people who may not otherwise experience yoga.

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