Celebrity posers have yoga world in a twist


On Wednesday, Tara Stiles contorted herself in a mobile yoga studio as passersby gawked. Photo: Michael Sofronski

By Kirsten Fleming This is an excerpt from the article Celebrity posers have yoga world in a twist Via New York Post "Numerous Facebook campaigns to post real yoga bodies have sprung up in a backlash to the yoga-showoff movement, including Roseanne Harvey’s “awkward selfie” project. “I did this project to subvert the selfie,” says Montreal-based Harvey, whose popular blog is called “It’s All Yoga, Baby.” In it, Harvey, a 38-year-old Montreal-based blogger, mocks the perfection of yoga selfies, opting instead to share unflattering snaps like her lumpy bottom and a closeup of her arm. Still, the devoted yogi concedes that the showy poses tend to get more likes. “It’s a little contradictory to the original intention of the practice. I personally don’t [post them, but] people do like them — as opposed to images of people sitting quietly in meditation. It’s not as sexy or glamorous.” Meanwhile, self-proclaimed yoga rebel Stiles says there’s plenty of room for all kinds of yogis and schools of thought — and that technology has offered up opportunities for her to develop a program that offers an alternative to the typical fitness fare." Read More
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