My Experience Teaching Yoga at the Day Station

Catherine Looke, the author of this blog, is the SEVA intern at Burlington Yoga Conference 2013 and we're lucky to have her!

catherine looke

"My personal mission to find balance in my own life drew me to teach yoga. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training about a year ago which has blessed me with new beginnings, as well as new challenges in my practice. As a teacher I wish to share my passion for yoga in addition to sharing the grace and the beauty of the practice. Teaching yoga has granted me with the opportunity to help individuals and myself. This past Wednesday I taught my first class at the Day Station in Burlington, Vermont, where some members of the homeless community meet weekly for discussion, activities, and dinner. My intention of teaching yoga here is to help these individuals develop greater physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to better meet the challenges of their situations. Within new beginnings, challenges are inherent.  There were many things I was not prepared for, such as teaching a gentler style of yoga than I am used to and needing to rely on my inner confidence and self-trust. Every now and then the students would display resistance, but a moment later, they would jump right back into the practice! These students were amongst the greatest students I have ever taught, particularly because they taught me so much more than I felt I was able to teach them. These people didn't have a lot of ego. Generally speaking, each person is doing the best they can do. I was surprised how many people freely stated how they felt! This helped me realize the various ways I could lighten up, practice patience, and understand that sometimes less is more. Teaching at the Day Station was a great opportunity. During the class I felt as though I was on the edge of the unknown because it was so different to the usual classes that I am used to teaching. I took a risk and tried something new! At the end of the class, my smile and everyone else's there shone, helping me understand the fruitfulness of the experience!"
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