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BYC is honored to welcome Naada Yoga Studio, an official teacher training school and yoga studio based in Montreal, Canada.  Founded by Jason Sharp and Elizabeth Emberly. Naada Yoga encourages students to grow in their practice based on their individual needs. Naada Yoga teachers use techniques to reintegrate the body and mind based on each unique person. A great aspect about Naada is that the organization believes in making yoga accessible to everyone and runs classes students can join in by donation.

This studios particular signature class is the Naada Live Class.  This fun and lively Vinyasa style class combines breath and sound work using live music in order to provide the optimal yoga experience.  Other forms of classes are available at Naada such as Restorative Yoga, Pranayama, and even a form of yoga called “Yogawall” for experienced yogis.

As the leading center for yoga education in Canada, Naada could be the perfect place for you to get your teacher training certification.  Using specific modular training methods and internationally recognized faculty, Naada is able to provide top-notch open learning and education for devoted yogis looking to become teachers.  Naada also hosts NYTT Information Sessions that Is a perfect place for meeting your potential yoga teacher friends if you want to get your certification. "Naada Yoga Teacher Training unites an internationally recognized faculty in a unique concept of open learning and education. NYTT teachers have worked closely together to develop programs that will empower you to see yoga as a living and evolving practice so that all of yoga’s multifaceted aspects – can better serve you, your students, and your community." (naadayoga.com) ©2013, Naada Yoga, http://www.naada.ca/about/

If you live in the Montreal or surrounding area, make sure you visit this amazing yoga studio! Or meet them at BYC!

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