My Yoga Online: Access to Yoga at the Touch of Your Fingertips

©2013, My Yoga Online, is excited to announce our new partnership with My Yoga Online!  My Yoga online is the #1 Yoga video website that gives yogis access to prominent yoga teachers with various different styles of yoga.  The website also provides online Pilates and Wellness classes to further enrich the practice of yoga. Another great thing about My Yoga Online is the need met for people who may not have enough time to get to the studio and attend a yoga class, that would like a guided practice. Using this website as a tool to practice yoga is ideal for busy individuals because it allows one to practice yoga on his or her own time.

My Yoga Online can be used as a personal resource.  Perks about this website include links that provide information on Studio Classes, Pilates & Dance, Meditation, Mind Body, and Wellness.  There are many articles based on specific yoga practice questions. For example, take a look at this video created by our very own BYC Presenter, David Magone. This video is perfect for anyone looking to build strength, toning, and weight loss.

Click the Picture to view David's Video!

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