“Metta Earth Institute: The Real Thing”

This blog is copied from the Green Yoga Association website. It was written early in 2012 and is now about a year old though still very relevant.  Burlington Yoga Conference is supporting Vermont Natural Resources Council this year through various SEVA events and benefits. The 5th annual BYC focuses on sharing Green Yoga and highlighting the symbiosis between humans and our planet. Gillian and Russell Comstock will be leading the BYC Opening Ceremony each day this year at BYC and sharing their teachings as Green Yoga pioneers.
"Five years ago two Green Yogis began putting theory into practice in Lincoln, Vermont.  Inspired to bring Yoga, Nature, Permaculture, and Community together, they began building the Metta Earth Institute.Gillian Kapteyn Comstock and Russell Comstock are exactly what you would expect from pioneers in Ecology, Yoga and human culture.  They are deeply compassionate, insightfully smart, and dedicated to achievable practices.   All of which you can see manifest in the programs at the Metta Earth Institute.The Metta Earth Institute is a yoga retreat center, a working farm, a community resource, and an art/writing creativity space. When asked how they managed to accomplish so much in such a short period of time, they always say, "with the long and dedicated work of so many people, both those living here and those in the larger community. But also with so much grace!" For more information, visit the Metta Earth Institute Website.
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