Meet the Creators of BYC: Jane & Ben

©2013, Janeyoga, envision and actualize weekends devoted to learning about the power of yoga helps others open the door to bliss, freedom, and liberation.  Thankfully, yoga-event guru’s Jane Jarecki Lanza & Ben Lanza have created a unique and special event that unites yogis under one roof, the Burlington Yoga Conference. Jane & Ben created the Burlington Yoga Conference on the basis that yoga should be accessible to everyone and deeply follow the BYC motto “Empower Change Within.”  All levels of yogis are encouraged to attend the conference from different walks of life.  As the founder of Jane Yoga (a name she kept in-part for it's anonymity), Jane has been able to incorporate all of her specialties into one place.  For instance, Jane has been asked to officiate many personalized weddings for Vermonters and people from out of state alike as a minister through the Universal Life Church.  Now Ben officiates weddings through the Universal Life Church too. They each officiate traditional and same-sex marriages in all kinds of environments (indoors or outdoors) with the utmost love and respect. Jane co-created and runs BYC & Liberate, and she also co-founded Laughing River Yoga where Jane teaches classes throughout the year like Gentle Yoga, Hot Slow Flow,Candelight Restorative, Thai Massage, HappyBaby, Full Moon Yoga Dance and more! Jane uses her unique approach and lives by her mission to connect with people with power of yoga to heal the body, mind, spirit, and community through consciousness, freedom, and love. Many accolades go towards the amazing Jane and Ben (and their thanks to Sage Plakosh), from yogis all over the world, to people right here in the small city of Burlington, Vermont.  We thank you for creating one of the most empowering and mindful events of all time, the Burlington Yoga Conference & Liberate Music Festival!
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