Meet Sudha: Kripalu Multi-Award Winner

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Take a look at Sudha’s FREE online yoga video! Perhaps it will encourage you to see and learn more about her teachings personally, at the Burlington Yoga Conference on May 2013. The unique Sudha Carolyn Lundeen is a yogi that sounds out from the crowd.  As a certified holistic health nurse, Sudha has a great understanding of the human body and mind.  Her expertise in health arts is attributed to her eclectic personal work as an Ayurvedic Health & Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Senior Kripalu teacher.

Sudha who originally works in Lenox, Massachusetts, is a yoga instructor at Phoenix Rising Yoga.  As a Senior Kripalu teacher and expert, she leads 200 and 500- hour level Kripalu Yoga Teacher Trainings.  Sudha works with people from all different walks of life by hosting group classes, workshops, and trainings. She travels around the country spreading her teachings and mission behind her work called “Body Paths.” Using ancient modern art, and healing techniques for self-discovery, one can use “body paths” to heal and open their minds.  Sudha states “Body paths embodies that place of deep centeredness residing within each of us, that axis (wellspring) from which our authentic wholeness emanates, reflecting the world around us.” Sudha’s personal mission reflects the heart of her work; it considers that every individual is unique and sacred.  Through her mission she helps lead a path for her students own unique lives.  To many, Sudha’s mission appeals to her students because her yoga teaching approach differs from student to student.  She realizes that no one is the same, and therefore she has a unique plan for each of her students. Her reputation is known for her gentle, humorous, and healing attitude.  As a person who experienced the battling stages of breast cancer, she has healing powers through her teachings.  A highlight as part of her work includes her specialty in helping women combat breast cancer every step of the way.  Other highlights of her work include restorative yoga, stress management, pre and post surgery preparation, and integrative approaches to health and vitality through Ancient teachings of Ayurveda.    
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