Meet Kalpana Reddy of Wholistic Care NY

Kalpana Reddy

Kalpana Reddy is the owner and founder of Wholistic Care at Alice Hyde Medical Center in Malone, New York.  She is a certified yoga therapist who specializes in yoga and cancer care.  Reddy is also a meditation teacher, hatha yoga teacher, certified empowerment life coach, certified group facilitator, and certified counselor in death, grief, loss and transition studies.

Kalpana's Hatha Yoga classes are taught in Svaroopa Style, which targets the internal structures of the body to unravel. She is drawn to teaching the importance of healing and empowering individuals through strong body, mind and spirit.  Kalpana innately understands the role oneself must play in one’s own healing.  Reddy offers various workshops in the northern New York region as well as Montreal, Canada.  She hopes to instill the promise of yoga and experience the power of grace and living in that grace.

At BYC this year, Kalapana offers, “iREST™: A Meditative Practice For Deep Relaxation and Healing.” iREST™ can help to relieve insomnia, stress and anxiety by allowing the practitioner to experience a constant underlying state of pure awareness.

We hope you can join us for this powerful experience.

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