The mission of Eclectic Music Productions is to celebrate the power of music and yoga to to consistently create new freedom and liberation where the was none before. EMP events encourage expression and support the human desire to push against boundaries, transform, to creatively express and grow.

EMP’s flagship festival, Liberate, was first launched in Vermont in 2008 and has steadily grown to become a cherished summer tradition for Vermont music and yoga fans and guests from coast to coast. In 2011, about 1500 fans gathered on our family land to enjoy the music and yoga. Liberate will resume in a new shape and form in 2013, likely in another VT location as the family land is being sold.

EMP, created and run by Ben Lanza and Jane Jarecki Lanza, produces large scale music and yoga events and community gatherings. EMP’s success and vision is largely supported by the work and dedication of Sage Plakosh, who has been with EMP since the fist Liberate and BYC.

Past Liberate Inspiration at Burlington Yoga Conference