Kreg Weiss: Yoga, Food, and Living

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If yogi Kregg Weiss, could describe the mission of his work, it would be described as “Exploring vitality through yoga. Food. Living.”  This Canadian Native studied Kinesiology and Health Sciences at University of British Columbia, where he learned valuable information about the human body.   Kreg is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, International Presenter and Kinesiologist.  He travels all over the globe, including Dubai, Canada, and the USA educating his students on how to heal the body and mind. As a blogger of his own personal website, Kregg has been highly successful in reaching out to yogis.  In fact, his blog is one of the most looked at pages in the yoga world.  His passion to teach yoga and belief that one must practice consistently has led to the success of his website.  Kreg posts online yoga videos, because he realizes that people are busy and do not have time to practice yoga everyday at the same.  His yoga video blog posts enable people do yoga when they have time, and still keep a consistent practice. Kreg uses three approaches into finding a way to rejuvenate and heal the body and mind.  Using asana, pranayama, and mediation and his background in Kinesiology, Kreg helps his students reach their goals in finding control and vital energy.  Empowering students is the main goal for this outstanding yoga instructor whether you are a beginner or expert.  Not only does Kreg empower students through practice, but Kreg also posts on his blog about nutrition and the importance of healthy food. Kreg’s blog is empowering to students all over the globe because of the positivity found in his posts.  He looks at yoga as just more than a practice, it is about being healthy and conscious of our bodies.  In his post titled, Empower Your Nutrition by Reading Food Labels, Kreg writes about food items that should be avoided to due negative health impacts.  Other blog posts look at using yoga as an aid to weight loss, but encourages people to look at it as “healthy living” rather than losing weight.  His positive attitude and views on sustainability are characteristics that fit into the lifestyle of people living in Burlington, Vermont. Read some testimonials about Kreg! He will be presenting a Yoga Anatomy Workshop at the 2013 Burlington Yoga Conference.
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