David Magone: Founder of Pranavayu

David Magone, founder of Pranavayu, started this new style of yoga 12 years ago.  This practice has roots that can be traced to Buddhist techniques that create mental awareness and peace.  David was able to transform these Buddhist techniques into Pranavayu, a form of American style Vinyasa yoga.  This yoga form defined by David is “designed to lead you to new heights of physical and mental achievement that you might have never thought possible.” David’s expertise in yoga is also found in his background of Kripalu.  Kripalu is a type of Hatha Yoga that focuses on breath work, body and mind. David is a faculty member at the Kripalu Center for Health in Lenox, Massachusetts.  (This is the same town as another BYC 2013 presenter, Sudha Lundeen.)  Like other yogis, David realizes that people become highly stressed due to work, deadlines, and financial responsibilities.  His unique approach to yoga allows his students to learn how to control one’s stress and to find centeredness. His personal website, offers posts from students describing their experience in working with him.  Student, Nick Capobianco, writes about trying “Twisty Hero’s Pose,” he states “I was exposed to this pose by David in my very first Pranavayu accelerated class and I have been in love with it ever since!”  Other posts post about his “cool” and “fun” poses such as The Hanging Bow Assist.”  Although some of these moves maybe advanced or harder for some to do, David does a good job on educating his students how to modify the moves if they are too hard. David has something to offer to all yogis who want to practice the art of Pranavayu.  Some examples are power yoga that promotes body strength and flexibility, for those who want to strengthen their bodies.  He also specializes in toning of the body, which is something that appeals to a wide audience.  In his 3-week toning challenge video, David gives students and blog viewers a sample on how to tone your thighs, increase your heart rate, and strengthen your upper body.  His practice even appeals to pregnant women through his hip opening practice. Since the creation of Pranavayu, the yoga practice has taken off and received warmly by not only yogis, but the press as well.  The Wall Street Journal, Self Magazine, and Women’s Health are a few examples of where David’s work has been featured in. Burlington Yoga Conference is proud to have David Magone as part of our team of presenters!  Check out some of his videos!
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