BYC Yoga Teacher Feature: Meet Sukha Stephano Pandavas

Sukha Stephano Pandavas, Babaj's Kriya Yoga  Sukha's teaching at BYC on Sunday,  May 6, 11 am- 12:30 pm: Learn the 18 Postures of Babaji’s Kriya Hatha Yoga 1.  When was your first introduction to yoga? My first encounter with yoga and Indian culture was through the music and philosophy of the Beatles and the sixties counter culture movement revolution.... 2 . How did you get into teaching yoga? How many years have you been teaching, and where can people find your classes? I have been involved with Kriya Yoga for about 8 years now... have been studying , working , and recently teaching, in Babaji Kriya Yoga Center in Southern Quebec, Canada, where we give free yoga classes to the local community.  There are also initiations and specific retreats here at the ashram... 3. What do you love most about teaching yoga? It s the transmission of wisdom and energy and giving and sharing with all people alike, which for me is essential in the yoga philosophy.  Helping people to understand their body and their environment through a yoga perspective ... 4. What do you love most about practicing yoga and yoga itself? Yoga helps me so much to see through the fog of life... it gives me tools to work with on a daily bases, to cope with the hardship of ever day dilemmas. Yoga helps me to LET GO  of so unimportant  things related to my day to day living and to focus more on the important things of life... 5. What advice do you have for people who have never tried yoga? Yoga is a tested scientific method that can help you in your everyday living condition. What's fun about yoga is that it's NOT a competitive sport and it's NOT rigorous training activity.  Yoga can be practice alone or with people sharing, at your own pace. Yoga allows you to slowly evolve through your everyday situations by working on your body but also your mind and awareness. It's a complete system; proven throughout time by masters who've practiced yoga ... it can be gentle or rigorous.  You set you own limits, always trying to reach further as you go along the pathway ... WOW YOGA IS JUST FANTASTIC ...DONT YOU THINK? !!!!!!. Much love to you all! - Sukha.
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