BYC Yoga Teacher Feature: Meet Jill Campbell

Jill Campbell: Instructor, AcroYoga Montreal  
1. When was your first introduction to yoga? I had my first yoga class at the kinsmen centre in Edmonton, Alberta. I was 19. I remember feeling thrilled when we went into a shoulderstand, challenged, yet calm. Yoga has been present in my life ever since.
2. How did you get into teaching yoga? How many years have you been teaching, and where can people find your classes? I was living in Beijing for a time from 2005 - 2007. I met a teacher from India and was immediately intrigued by his style of practice. He and I spent a Saturday together every month and so was born my first teacher training. I began sharing what i knew with fellow teachers and parents at the primary school I was teaching at. I offered a free class on Tuesdays after school and we had a fantastic group. It was also in Beijing that I began to explore Acroyoga with a circus base. When I moved to Montreal shortly after returning to North America I found Jessie and Eugene of Acroyoga Montreal and immediately there was a perfect fit.
I currently teach yoga in Montreal at Studio Bliss, Vert Prana and Acroyoga at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal. I recently traveled teaching in Costa Rica and Mexico and I'll be heading to the Burlington Yoga Conference soon!
3. What do you love most about teaching yoga? I get to share what I love. 4.What do you love most about practicing yoga and yoga itself? It never ends.
5. What advice do you have for people who have never tried yoga? There is yoga for everyone. If you try a type of practice and it doesn't jive with what you're looking for, try another style. You will find exactly what you need. There is a teacher for everyone. If a teacher doesn't jive with what you're looking for, try another one. Your perfect teacher is out there waiting for his or her new student!
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