BYC thanks our friends at VTCYT

VTCYT's Beliefs

Vermont Center for Yoga and Therapy believes that the most effective and efficient approach to wellness addresses the whole person—body, mind, spirit, emotions, and relationships with the self and others—in an integrated and collaborative way. VTCYT's affiliation of independent practitioners from a variety of vocations, including psychotherapy, psychiatry, therapeutic yoga, and bodywork, forms a treatment team that offers, in an out-patient setting, a new and unique way of viewing and receiving healthcare. 

VTCYT 's Intention

VTCYT programs provide a safe and comfortable space in which people seeking health and wellness can come to know themselves more fully. As they begin to understand their patterns, develop self-compassion, and explore new ways of being in relation to themselves, their bodies, their lives, and their relationships, internal and external patterns and habits begin to soften, and space is created for new possibilities. BYC thanks VTCYT for their partnership, healing work within the community and advancing yoga research.  Learn more about the treatment  and healing series at VTCYT now!
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