BYC Teacher Feature: Sherry Ryan

Sherry Vidhya Ryan LMT, RYT is the founder of Providence Healing Arts, a Yoga Studio & alternative healing center in Providence, RI. She has over 20 years of experience in the study of Traditional Five Element Theory and Ayurveda. A Student of Hatha, Kriya & Kundalini Yoga for nearly 40 years, Vidhya is a certified 500 hour yoga instructor facilitating retreats and trainings throughout the world. Experience Vidhya's wisdom yourself in Burlington this spring! Vidhya's BYC workshop incorporates chanting of Bija Mantras & their corresponding mudras for each one of the Chakras. A spiritual blessing & Chakra clearing using sounds, scents & objects from nature is included. The class concludes with a powerful manifestation Mudra & Chakra balancing meditation. Mantra, Mudra, & Meditation: Sherry Ryan Sunday, May 1st, 9 :00-11:00 am Registration Information Register for this Workshop Now
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