BYC Teacher Feature: Coral Brown on Yoga Journal cover

We love this picture of Coral Brown on the May 2011 issue of Yoga Journal, which captures the liquid nature of Prana Flow. Come study with Coral at BYC!

1. Saturday, May 5, 11 am-12:30 pm Chakra Namaskar: Accessing the chakras through our yoga practice can provide us with a deeper connection to our energetic centers. Chakra Namaskar, a Prana Flow® sequence allows us to steep in specific movement patterns correlating to each chakra. Through awareness combined with movement we will balance the energy body, as well as the physical and mental bodies.

2. Saturday, May 5,  2:30- 4 pm Collective Flow We will flow in a creative, dynamic method based upon vinyasa krama (stages of evolution). Therefore, this practice is open to yogis of all levels. Within this class,multi-dimensional sequencing will allow us to integrate standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists and hip openers. Using the movements of Prana to provide the experience of energetic alignment within the flow will lead to the cultivation of the fluid body. Please join in the collective journey along the river of prana that flows within us, and all around us.

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