BYC Presenter Addition: Nick Atlas

nickatlas Nick Atlas is presenting Ecstatic Dreaming™ at this year's 6th annual BYC. Nick is the Founder of Evolutionary Education™ and Yoga Sleep Therapy®. Whether you’re an active dreamer or haven’t recalled a dream in years, join Nick for this groundbreaking experience in Ecstatic Dreaming™, safely lifting the veil between waking and dreaming through a variety of ancient and contemporary techniques—including invigorating breathwork and expertly guided iRest® Yoga Nidra. Learn to increase dream recall, to awaken in your dreams (i.e., to become lucid), to meditate while you’re dreaming, and to integrate the magic of dreams into the totality of your being. Check it out on Saturday morning (9-11 am, March 8th, 2014), at Burlington Yoga Conference!
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