Attention: Calling All Beginner & Intermediate Yogis

©2013, Danielle Vardakasduszko, Honest Yoga

©2013, Danielle Vardakas Duszko, Honest Yoga

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©2013, Scott Martin, Honest Yoga

Let Honest Yoga Be Your Guide to Becoming a Yoga Guru

Starting in the first week of February, Honest Yoga, located in South Burlington, VT, will be kick starting their new class titled: Brand New Beginners Course (BNB).  The BNB course is aimed at beginner & intermediate students who want to learn and improve their skills in their practice of yoga.  This 8 class series features a morning and evening class to best suit the needs of students. By taking this brilliantly planned course, students will gain a greater understanding for yoga, for they will learn more about the fundamentals of postures.  More specifically, students will learn how to focus the mind, alleviate pain, and reach an optimal point of combination of relaxation and energy.


Here is a short video highlighting the BNB course in a nutshell:

Honest Yoga BNB

Danielle & Scott are the instructors who will be guiding this course.  Their goal is to help students grasp how and why postures are practiced, why yoga helps promote wellness, and help their students increase strength, stamina and flexibility through yoga.  Danielle & Scott describe this course as “saturating students with practice.”


In order to further assist students along their yogic path, Honest Yoga is also allowing BNB students to have unlimited access to their center.  This is great for people who want to immerse themselves in yoga and get to be taught by two fun instructors. Scott is known for producing albums and his Hip Hop Yoga Style.  Danielle has a passion for dance and has taught at Liberate and Wanderlust Festivals. If your looking to learn and improve your yoga experience, this is this class for you!

 Check out this testimonial from a student!

"Completing the BNB program gave me knowledge and confidence to move forward with my yoga practice. During regular class it's easier to feel comfortable trying new postures because I know that I have the alignments right to not get hurt and get the most out of the practice. The BNB classes made me feel really at ease to ask questions and learn how my body fits into a yoga practice." -Abby Bayer- BNB Graduate & Unlimited Member at Honest Yoga Center
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