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Photo of Myra Lewin (Hale Pule)

Photo of Myra Lewin (Hale Pule)

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For years Burlington, Vermont, a beautiful lakefront city, has been a destination for health, natural living, organic food, and yoga. With a dozen independently operated Yoga studios and wellness centers in the greater community- it is no surprise that Burlington was recently voted the “Healthiest City in the United States” by CNN.


Nestled in the Champlain valley between the majestic Adirondacks and Green Mountains, Burlington is one of the most progressive and beautiful cities in the United States today. This small city of around 40,000 year round residents is one of the most visually stunning areas on the east coast. Burlington’s natural beauty and diverse landscape also makes it an ideal retreat location- with nearly limitless options for yoga practice, hiking, climbing, kayaking, and more.

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BYC is an annual event focused on uniting yoga students, teachers and studios under one roof, in order to help individuals on their yogic path.

BYC presents inspirational, dedicated, and world-renowned yogis with an assortment of different backgrounds in yoga from inside and outside of the U.S.  BYC’s motto is to empower change within. BYC focuses on making yoga accessible to everyone and providing options for dedicated students to deepen their practice.

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BYC works to make yoga accessible to everyone while also providing options for dedicated students to deepen their practice.  We offer full scholarships and various classes and kirtans in the community by donation-only. The Closing Ceremony, the Keynote at BYC, is offered by donation only.

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Outside of workshops, enjoy delicious, vegetarian meals from our local farm-to-table caterer at BYC, 2 hour lunch breaks, and a mindful marketplace full of awesome merchants, yoga studios, and a silent auction. Get bodywork including massage, Thai Yoga, henna, reiki, and sound healing.

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BYC expects about 200 guests each year of all levels and backgrounds, a combination of locals and visitors. BYC intentionally maintains small class sizes (for a large-scale yoga event of this type), and strives for an intimate, approachable feel.

You can choose to attend as little as one workshop or the entire day. BYC is a full two days (Saturday and Sunday). Please bring a water bottle, yoga mat, props, and snacks. We provide water and some light fruit. Weekend and Day passes include 4 (90 minute) workshops per day, as well as the Green Morning Sessions.

There’s a Friday night fundraiser held at rotating locations in the Burlington area to support various Vermont causes.

ASIG fire ceremony

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Why Burlington?

With the expansive variety of parks and recreational areas within walking distance from downtown, Burlington is also one of America’s “Greenest Cities”. More than one-third of all energy used in Burlington comes from renewable resources and Burlington’s entire fleet of CCTA buses began running on biodiesel in the spring of 2007. The use of pesticides is also prohibited in all public parks, land and waterways. So breathe deeply and enjoy the clean mountain air!

The Church Street Marketplace in the heart of downtown Burlington offers an eclectic and unique blend of boutiques, local organic food, restaurants, teahouses, and coffee shops. After dark, the Burlington nightlife offers one of the most entertaining and active music scenes around. From “hip to hippie” the blossoming local music scene is alive and well in Burlington in a wide variety of clubs, breweries, and music venues.

Burlington is The destination for heath, food, outdoor enthusiasts and Yoga!


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Where is BYC?

BYC is located on the 4th Floor of the Davis Center on UVM Campus, Burlington, VT.  Though you can see this large brick building from Main Street, you enter the Davis from East Avenue.


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Turn from East Avenue onto UVM Campus as if going to the hospital.  Go straight through the light rather than right to the hospital).  Follow signs for Davis Center.  Veer left toward Davis Center.  See the attached map if you are parking.  Use the JEFFORDS LOT for parking.  Walk to the Davis Center and up to the 4th Floor.  http://www.uvm.edu/conferences/download/Burlington_Yoga_Conference_Map.pdf

Why the Davis Center?

As a venue for Yoga practice, we can think of no better location in Burlington. The Davis Center offers multiple ballroom spaces, breakout rooms, lounge areas, atriums, and mid-sized room’s perfect for our workshops and smaller sessions.


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Each floor has open access to water stations, public restrooms and a gender-neutral bathroom with a shower. The towering windows and vaulted ceilings will fill the rooms with natural sunlight and fresh air to replenish our bodies as our practice replenishes our spirit and builds our community.Preserving the environment is as essential to our wellbeing as our Yoga practice. The decisions we make now will impact all generations that come after us, and thus we must choose to bring our community together in a way that is also respectful to our earth.

As the largest LEED certified building in Burlington, The UVM Davis Center is the most environmentally sustainable and efficient building in the Burlington area. Utilizing groundbreaking technology, passive solar, and wide variety of energy saving systems the Davis center uses 50% less electricity and 40% less water than most buildings of it’s size.

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From it’s initial design phase the building was constructed using over 66% of its materials supplied from local sources. Using local materials to create this building dramatically reduced transportation-related pollution and carbon emissions during construction. Furthermore 92% of the construction waste from building the Davis Center was recycled and all new materials used in the building have at least 5% recycled content. In it’s daily operations the, Davis Center is also committed to recycling, composting, and supporting local farmers through the Vermont Fresh Network.