A Word & Menu from the Chefs at BYC

This year Burlington Yoga Conference teams up with Drop of Joy, LLC for some delicious, nutritious conference catering.  Here's what the chefs have to say: "As a team, we will be sharing our culinary art and creativity from the minds of these people:
  • Owen Hoppe (A New Ethic),
  • Brian Casey (Shelburne Farms and Starry Night)
  • Joshua Alexander Pfeil (A Drop of Joy)
The Food we will be serving will taste amazing without putting the practitioner to work and these recipes are free of any ingredients that might hinder the balance between mind and body or the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
  • Lunch is: Almond butter cream spring rolls with everything in season made using some of the finest nori and organic germinated almonds.  As a side we will celebrate with a bok choy salad lightly drizzled in sesame oil and lemon cashew cream complimented with the three sisters of asian fermentation: Kimchee, crunchy chili radish root and gingered carrots.  The yogi will get all this and a Unpasteurized Azuki miso with Maine harvested Wakame.
  • Dinner is: Cashew Thyme Root veggie gratin parked on top of some organic brown rice next to a Portabella mushroom that is filled with a soaked walnut veggie paté.  This dynamic duo will be complimented by our own local Mesclun mix drizzled with an elderberry vinaigrette.
All of this food will be organic and everything that is in season will be locally sourced." Fore more information about the BYC menu and Drop  of Joy, LLC, contact: Joshua Alexander Pfeil A Drop of Joy, LLC c: 802-922-3360 e: [email protected] A Drop of Joy, LLC The central mission of A Drop of Joy is to extend and enhance the abundant harvests of the Vermont growing season as a culinary partner to our local farms.   It will create value-added products that showcase and diversify the beautiful vegetables, fruits, herbs and grains that our farmers work so hard to grow.  Most of our products are sourced from local farms, apiaries, herbalists, mushroom cultivators and food producers. A Drop of Joy is now building key partnerships with Vermont farms to act as a season extension and chef service.  Two major partnerships have been established with Half Pint Farm at the Intervale and Common Ground Farm at the University of Vermont.  However, the company will pursue further partnerships throughout the coming winter months in order to provide its services to a greater proportion of the farming community. A Drop of Joy is a locally-owned, globally-ethical, sacred food production company. Products we prepare: are usually in the realm of Raw Vegan Live Food dishes.  We serve in the context of catering, cold case production (grab and go), private aid and conference, and commercial distribution.  Types of foods vary greatly. A Brief bio of Joshua Alexander Pfeil: Joshua has been working with Vegan, Organic, Live foods and researching the nutritive values of this diet since 2006.  In 2008, he worked as a Chef/Instructor under Gabriel Cousens, MD at The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center and in 2009, as owner of A Drop of Joy, LLC and coordinator of The New England Healers Symposium, Joshua continued his research on live food nutrition coupled with planetary herbalism.  He is currently working privately as a holistic chef, hosting two different potluck groups and coordinating several classes a month.
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